Monday, February 24, 2014

At the Library

                           Today we went to the library in Ord.  Jubilee complained that she had not read
                            a book in half a century.  I just smiled.
                               I headed for the cookbooks and Jubilee for the kid books.  I could hear her
                               thumping down the hall.  That meant she was doing cartwheels.  ( And probably
                               knocking down some books too. )
                                                   Here I am, sitting on a chair in the Library.                      
                                                  Here is Jubilee sitting on the same chair.
                                Jubilee wandered thought the aisles and found a book called
                                                           ' Wanted: A Best Friend '
                                                        She thought it was soooooo funny.
                           I was looking through a cookbook and found some really delicious looking recipes.
                                 I thought about making some food from the cookbook and decided to....
                               check it out.  After I checked the cookbook out, I went to look at the magazines.
                                     I looked at magazines until Jubilee said she was ready to go.  
                                               We had a really fun time at the library.
                                                              See you soon,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome to the Walker's World

                              Hello, my name is Addy Walker and I would like to welcome you to my blog.                I  was born in Africa and soon became an orphan.  I was passed from foster home to foster home until I was eleven. In March of 2013, I learned that I was going to adopted in September by the Walkers. Soon I would call the Walker's home my home.  I enjoy cooking, reading and ballet.
                            Hi! My name is Jubilee and I'm Addy's younger sister. (Addy is letting me add something to her post.)  I was so excited to find out that my parents were going to adopt a girl close to my age (that is, until I found out that I had to share a room with her - ha ha!)  Off that subject, I like to do gymnastics, gymnastics and more gymnastics.  I also like to play with my dog, Red Ribbon, and to spend time with my cousins.
None of the pictures above were taken by me.