Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome to the Walker's World

                              Hello, my name is Addy Walker and I would like to welcome you to my blog.                I  was born in Africa and soon became an orphan.  I was passed from foster home to foster home until I was eleven. In March of 2013, I learned that I was going to adopted in September by the Walkers. Soon I would call the Walker's home my home.  I enjoy cooking, reading and ballet.
                            Hi! My name is Jubilee and I'm Addy's younger sister. (Addy is letting me add something to her post.)  I was so excited to find out that my parents were going to adopt a girl close to my age (that is, until I found out that I had to share a room with her - ha ha!)  Off that subject, I like to do gymnastics, gymnastics and more gymnastics.  I also like to play with my dog, Red Ribbon, and to spend time with my cousins.
None of the pictures above were taken by me.


  1. Addy,
    Awesome! I'm very glad that you started a blog!!!! I can't wait to read more!
    Your Friend,